Turn your anonymous website visitors into sales leads

We use AI to identify your anonymous site visitors and reveal their direct contact info.

Case study


Emails collected in 120 days


New revenues generated in 120 days


Average open rate

7.3X ROI

Overall return on investment

Oliver Walsh


“Opensend is the perfect tool for e-commerce owners seeking to grow their email list profitably. Its simple installation and automatic email capture capabilities make it a must-have tool.”


Why Opensend for B2B?

Reach your
hidden corporate buyers

Cold call and email prospects when they’re most engaged even if they don’t fill out the form.

Add new hot leads to your CRM in real-time

Turn website visitors into your pipeline in real time without guesswork.

Keep the apps you already use

Opensend works with all the tools you already use.

The numbers don’t lie.


Legally Compliant

We follow all the laws and regulations to always comply


Events Daily

In our network, we see the traffic for 100k+ US-based sites


US Shoppers in Network

We have a 73% USA shoppers match rate

We are confident you’ll love Opensend after testing it for 2 weeks
What our customers are saying
Max Elrawi Founder, LordLou

“Opensend has allowed us to increase our email subscribers quickly and profitably. It’s very easy to integrate with your Shopify & Klavyio account, no reason not to use it!”

Oliver Walsh Founder, Asystem

“For the stores that are looking to grow their email revenues and subscriber list, just hire me, the revenue is gonna come in 10, 20, 30x and you will see your email list multiply. There is nothing to think about here!”

Brian Persico EVP, SognoToscano

“Thanks to Opensend now we can reach the anonymous shoppers that have initiated a cart without leaving their information. A total game changer to convert many more of these high- intent customers.”

Moyra Neale VP, EveSleep

“Email-based retargeting is a must-have and the Opensend team has done a tremendous job by developing a smart solution that measures users’ engagement to only reach high-intent visitors. We love it.”

Ignacio Palomera VP, Nebia

“By capturing a larger number of emails daily, we have reduced our reliance on costly programmatic retargeting campaigns and seen a noticeable improvement in our conversion rates. We see this as insurance for our advertising efforts, a no-brainer.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Opensend provides customer identity information, even if the customer visits but never completes a purchase.

    Opensend provides email addresses and some basic identifier information for the customer.

    Opensend typically identifies around 25-35% of your anonymous visitors, although your mileage may vary. We strive only to identify real human traffic — no bots allowed.

    No, our sources are US publishers primarily serving a US audience. We filter out incidental non-US traffic using IP geolocation.
    Any business that wants to identify online store visitors that do not complete a purchase.
    When a new visitor accesses your site, our proprietary technology retrieves their identities and email addresses.

    Yes, we comply with US laws, including CAN-SPAM and CCPA. Read more here.

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    © Copyright 2022 Opensend Inc